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Sino-British International Technology Transfer Center

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Bilateral offshore accelerated catapult & innovation base construction

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Bilateral offshore accelerated catapult & innovation base construction

The platform plans to build three offshore launch innovation bases (accelerators) in the UK by studying the UK's national innovation "launch center" strategy. It aims to learn from the advanced experience of the UK's digital strategy and digital economy development, and put the mature project and technology transformation achievements into Henan through the digital acceleration way.

On the one hand, the base undertakes the construction of buffer zone for the return development of science and technology and high-end teams, improves the conversion efficiency, reduces the potential risks of international technical cooperation, on the other hand, it undertakes the overseas investment attraction intelligence, puts the investment attraction policies and teams of all regions in the provinces and cities ahead, gets rid of the traditional mode of "technology intermediary" layer by layer, and stands overseas with developed provinces and coastal areas The same line.

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