Expert Team

Shinya Yamanaka

Doctor, physician, graduated from Kobe University and Osaka City University. At present, he is director of iPS cell research institute of Kyoto University, Professor of University of California San Francisco and Senior Research Institute of Gladstone Research Institute. In 2012, he won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for his research on "somatic reprogramming technology". Chief scientist, National Center for human genetic resources.

Liao Qiu Ming

Doctor, cardiothoracic surgeon, senior researcher of Cardiothoracic Surgery Institute of Lund University, Sweden, member of international society of esophageal cancer, member of Swedish and European Society of cardiothoracic surgery, visiting professor of the Third Military Medical University and Henan University of traditional Chinese medicine, director of cardiopulmonary transplantation research project of ieglosa Life Science Park. He has won the prize of the Royal torbe vekmastare foundation of Sweden for three consecutive years.

Lin Jun Tang

Professor, Ph.D., doctoral supervisor of University of Jena, Germany, director of national and local joint Engineering Laboratory of stem cell and biotherapy, director of Henan International Joint Laboratory of stem cell research, member of European Society of neurobiology, chairman of stem cell Professional Committee of Henan society of cell biology, Chinese President of Sino German health and anti-aging medicine association, and review of SCI Journals People. His major research direction is neural development and stem cell induced differentiation. He has presided over a number of major national natural and provincial and municipal projects. SCI has collected more than 70 papers and obtained 5 invention patents

Xie Qi Liang

Chief physician, visiting professor of Xinxiang Medical College, master's supervisor. The former president of the 371 Central Hospital of the people's Liberation Army, the leader of the hospital expert group, the third level of civil service and the fifth level of technology; graduated from the Military Medical Department of the First Military Medical University, the former member of the emergency Professional Committee of Jinan Military Region, the member of the heart disease (internal medicine) Professional Committee of Jinan Military Region, and the member of the Management Professional Committee of Jinan Military Region Hospital. He has published several core journals of clinical research and is a cardiologist in Jinan Military Region.

Wen Qiang Li

Ph.D., Professor, deputy director of the biological sample database of mental diseases in Henan Province, outstanding young science and technology expert in Henan Province, academic and technical leader of the Department of education in Henan Province, director of the office of the Key Laboratory of biological psychiatry in Henan Province, member of the professional committee of the clinical data and sample database of China Research Hospital society, standing member of the medical genetics branch of Henan Medical Association, Henan Province Standing member of clinical neuroelectrophysiology branch of Medical Association. His research direction is molecular pathology of schizophrenia, and he has published more than 40 papers included in SCI.

Xiong Xiwen

Doctor, Professor, once worked as a postdoctoral research and master's supervisor in the medical school of Indiana University. Director of the metabolic biology branch of China biophysics society. He has published more than 20 SCI papers in international famous magazines. The research direction is to use genetic engineering mouse model to study the pathogenesis of chronic liver injury, intestinal inflammation and other related diseases. At present, he has presided over a number of topics, such as the general program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, the scientific and technological research project of Henan Province, and the high-efficiency scientific and technological innovation talent plan of Henan Province.

Industry think tank expert mu ruitao

SUN China's first JavaME virtual machine development engineer

Senior consultant, oracle Java and embedded systems

Has a number of virtual machine and embedded system related technology patents

Experience in successful open source projects

I have conducted in-depth technical exchanges with the Java virtual machine technology team in silicon valley for many times

Lead biomedical expert wei Dan

Chief operating officer, china-uk biomedical innovation sharing accelerator

Ph.D. In biochemistry and molecular biology, Chinese academy of sciences

Postdoctoral fellow, indiana university school of medicine, Harvard University school of medicine

Zhejiang province "qian jiang talent", henan province science and technology team leader

Director of the national institute of stem cell and biotherapy

Deputy director of stem cell professional committee of henan provincial society of cell biology

Industry think tank expert wang wensheng

Doctor of medicine, university of Tokyo, Japan

Distinguished professor of henan province

Doctoral supervisor of henan normal university

Member of the American society for bone research

Member of the society for scientific research

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