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One belt, one road, is the platform for the CNUKTIP. It is designed to integrate the international and innovative resources between China and Britain. With the help of the "one belt and one way" strategy, relying on the development of new industries, the Sino British technology innovation platform will create a new corridor for the central Plains air and create a technological, financial and technological innovation platform for the Central Plains region, and build up the integration capability of international technology innovation. Promote high-quality economic development in Henan, accelerate the construction of a modern national central city, and realize a better blueprint for the Central Plains.

Since the platform landed in Henan in 2018, with the strong support of the United Front Work Department of Henan provincial Party committee, the Foreign Affairs Office of Henan provincial Party committee, Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Henan Provincial Department of science and technology and Henan European and American students' Association, it has gradually landed in China UK International Technology Transfer Center, China UK offshore ejection innovation base (UK offshore innovation center of Zhongyuan science and technology city) and international science and innovation industry investment fund in Henan. At the end of 2019, the platform and Zhengdong New Area jointly invested in the construction of "China UK biomedical innovation sharing accelerator", which is the key project of Henan Province and the first batch of contracted projects of Zhongyuan science and technology city. Through the sharing of equipment, intellectual property rights and industrial resources, the platform creates a "third-party platform" for local governments to develop industries, focusing on cell technology, genetic engineering In the field of biological computing, several overseas biomedical talent teams were recruited for development. In April 2021, they signed a contract for comprehensive cooperation with Welsh (National) tumor R & D center.

The platform has successively invited British government, enterprises and industry experts represented by Sir Gordon Brown, a member of the British House of Commons, and Lord Bathurst IX, a consultant to the British central government, to visit through activities such as the China UK science and technology innovation and development forum, China UK science and technology foreign exchange earning and participation in large and medium-sized science and technology projects such as the South China Digital Economy Summit. In 2021, with the strategic layout of one platform, two centers, three elements and multiple industries as the core, the platform will actively introduce R & D institutions such as the 22nd Research Institute of CETC, Shenzhen Pengcheng National Laboratory, Tianbo Internet of things Research Institute and many high-level talents at home and abroad to return to Zhengzhou for development; It is promoting the comprehensive cooperation between the British Welsh government and Henan, inviting the British ambassador to China Wu Ruolan to visit, and promoting the comprehensive exchanges between the UK and Henan in economy, trade, science and innovation; Establish a cross-border fund to support international talent and project cooperation through cooperation with UK eurui capital; Participate in the "digital Yucai plan" and "overseas offshore innovation center" of Zhongyuan science and technology city; It undertook the British overseas activity of Henan Xinzheng paying homage to Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor on March 3. Nearly 8 million people watched the activity video. It used AR and VR technology to complete the agenda of incense and bow with mobile phones, and promoted Henan culture to the world through digital means.

The Henan provincial government will strive to promote the sustainable development of overseas cultural, scientific and technological innovation and the Internet of things in key fields such as Chinese medicine and private medicine.

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