Executive Team

Ren Xiang

Platform founder

After 18 years in the UK, I graduated with a master's degree from the university of teesside. Served as an executive in the European headquarters of Compal, one of the world's top 500 companies, and subsequently invested in the development of satellite communication, electronic information and new energy vehicle industry. In 2005, it was approved by the UK national high technology talents program, and in 2011, it returned to China to start a business. In English and founder of the innovation platform of science and technology, China to the labor party, zhengzhou city federation of overseas liaison committee member of the standing committee of, of the henan provincial party committee, deputy secretary general, henan European and American students will leave the club secretary general, fellow brit henan association (UK), vice President, also the management committee of zhengdong new district intelligent island big data review committee of experts, xiuwu investment advisers, such as position, also serves as the British gloucestershire (province) fab Sino-British exchange ambassadors, British JIC platform organization, the chief adviser. Returned after 6 years engaged in new energy electric vehicle industry, many times by the national, provincial leaders meet, served as sasac f steam group, head of the new energy automobile enterprises in fujian province, dongfeng automobile research and development courtyard, chief engineer, etc, made a number of invention patents, is committed to put "tohave returned overseas Chinese, give prize zhongyuan" construction.

Lin Qing

Vice chairman of the

General representative for China affairs of gloucestershire government,

The sole representative of gloucester city council on China affairs

Chief China officer, tewkesbury

Chief international adviser, gloucestershire (provincial) bureau for economic promotion

The first zhengdong new area smart island management committee engaged in industrial development international consultants


Vice Chairman of Sino-British Science and Technology Innovation Platform Executive Vice President of All-England Henan Fellowship Association Executive Vice President of Henan Chamber of Commerce

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