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International innovation industry investment fund

On September 25, 2019, the 2019 Digital Economy Summit and Henan intelligent industry ecological construction international exchange conference signed a contract with Eureka capital of the UK at the signing ceremony of major projects between China and the UK at the opening ceremony of Zhengzhou, establishing an international innovation and development fund.

International Innovation and Development Fund aims to make full use of overseas innovation and scientific research technology and Zhengzhou's location, policy, market and other advantages, build Zhengzhou into an international intelligent highland and a new industrial development highland, maximize the implementation of the outcomes of the digital economy summit, promote the process of "digital industrialization and industrial digitalization" in Henan Province, and achieve the strategic goal of central China's success and central China's rise 。 In the later stage, it will also sign a contract with the international financial service center of Hong Kong Financial Holding Co., Ltd. to build a large resource sharing platform integrating domestic and foreign finance, science and technology, and information with a high starting point of global vision in Henan by integrating the resources of large financial institutions, technical platforms, consulting media, and scientific research institutions in Singapore, Silicon Valley, France, Britain, Israel and other countries.

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