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In order to realize the actual demand of interconnection of everything and data interchange, and solve the reliability, controllable cost and effective data proportion of massive big data,

The "JOiH intelligent terminal of Internet of things", the first intelligent hardware of the open Internet of things with built-in OS chip, which is invested by Sino-British science and technology innovation platform, has been developed. JoiH smart hardware provides the Internet of things industry with hardware and software separation, low power consumption, low cost, development hardware with standardized JAVA development conditions, support hierarchical certificate applications, with distributed edge data processing capabilities, can achieve EAL5 level of security level.

Joih Internet of things intelligent terminal uses a minimum of 128KB of running memory and 256Kb of storage space to perform relatively complex calculations. It has cooperated and optimized industrial products at home and abroad, with a target market of 10 billion.

Joih Internet of things intelligent terminal aims to become "Android" in the field of Internet of things, with low cost, applicable to most scenes of Internet of things (electrical equipment, public lighting, tracking, industrial Internet, electricity meter, vehicle terminal, environmental monitoring, logistics, agriculture, etc.);

Based on the development of joih Internet of things intelligent terminal, China UK science and technology innovation platform will cooperate with Wentai science and technology to develop the world's first SOC chip for 5g + edge computing + java application.

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