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Cell biotechnology is one of the fastest growing fields in the biomedical industry in the past 20 years. Stem cell technology and immune cell technology are the two new cell technologies with the most mature development and the most promising application prospects in this field. They won the Nobel Prize in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

It is estimated that the global cell market will reach usd 600 billion by 2020, which will be an important development direction of the world's biomedical industry.

The china-uk biomedical innovation Shared accelerator project of the china-uk science and technology innovation platform, as a benchmark cooperation project in the field of scientific research and development in zhengdong new area, has been signed and implemented, with the help of the core advantages of zhengzhou national central city and industrial policies to support the cooperation and development. As a key project of henan province in 2019, the project has built more than 2,300 square meters of laboratory and office space, and has a national laboratory team and two innovation institutions. The project team has successfully cured a number of patients with leukemia and kidney cancer, and the technology remains at the international leading level. The laboratory will use the platform's international technology and resources to build international joint laboratories abroad, and plan to carry out international technical cooperation with Cambridge medical school and the biological laboratory of the university of Manchester.

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